We Are Italy


Worldwide, “Made in Italy” is specially associated to the idea of high quality, in food, fashion and design.

What is often forgotten is that Italy is the birth place of numerous important inventions, which are still part of millions of people’s everyday lives.

The wallpaper collection We Are Italy, designed for the German company Tapeten Agentur, aims to valorize Italy’s industrial inventive.

Tapeten Agentur

Product Design




Antilia is the silver-plate and natural leather spirit tasting set designed for De Vecchi Milano 1935.
Seven princes on the run from fierce invaders, a lucky landing on a mysterious island, travels and adventures over unknown seas… Antilia will whisper you this story and many more, while shepherding your journeys through the waves of the mind.
Antilia is a spirit-tasting set made of a wide cup and a sinuous shaped silver plate tray for your culinary combinations.

De Vecchi Milano 1935

Stainless Steel + Natural Leather

20x20x3 cm




Avalon is the name of the legendary fairy island where the mythical Excalibur sword was forged. The cavalry and the spirit of commonality of King Arthur’s Round Table inspired this circular aperitif tray, which combines practicality and elegance.
Avalon is a smart object, for it is enhanced with a holding pivot lodging six different toothpicks, which can be positioned in any point of the tray’s surface thanks to a magnetic system.
Avalon’s body is of stainless steel, polished on one side and satin on the other for a double fais usage, with natural-leather handles.

CLIENT: De Vecchi Milano 1935

MATERIALS: Stainless Steel + Natural Leather

DIMENSIONS: 35x35x3 cm




Guatavita, the stainless steel and natural leather tray designed for De Vecchi Milano 1935.
A sacred ground, devoted to the Cult of the Sun, hidden in the heart of South America.
Guatavita is named after the striking site that gave birth to the legend of the El Dorado, a place in which, during a purification ritual, the priests were released from their gold and their trinkets.
Guadavita similarly allows freeing the body from the weight of daily objects.
This tray is a stainless steel foil, folded like a sheet of paper, which externally reveals a natural leather surface. The irregular and sleek curves of the surface, which are similar to the waves of a lake, produce charming light glares.

Stainless Steel + Natural Leather

30x30x5 cm




Scaleno is a brand established by Santa design to manage the production and the commercialization of furniture products. We chose an Italian name (to remark our made in Italy spirit) that would be easy to remember and that embodies the concepts of irregularity and non-conventionality.
Scaleno’s goal is to design innovative products able to improve the relation with users.
The first design for Scaleno is Wassily, the elastic fruit bowl.
Scaleno required all of our analytic, strategic and design skills to develop and communicate a product.
We worked on Naming and Brand ID, Product Design, offline and online Graphics, Social Media Marketing, Photo shootings and Promotional Video Shooting.


Graphic Design
Interior Design
Web Design
Video Making
Photo Shooting

MATERIALS: Stainless Steel + Silicone Rubber

DIMENSIONS: 25x25x20 cm


We chose the Italian name Scaleno, referring to the type of triangle, to remark our made in Italy spirit, and because such a name is easy to remember and it embodies the concepts of irregularity and non-conventionality. The choice of using English for the brand’s Claim is mainly aimed to the international markets, and its double meaning remarks this non-conventionality spirit, while explaining the brand name in a rather didactic way.
These values are resumed in a sober and elegant logo, which embodies and irregular but harmonic aspect in the letter A.

The website we developed for Scaleno mainly functions as a showcase for Wassily, the brand’s first design.
The site’s homepage was developed in Parallax Scrolling, a system that makes some elements flow on different levels while others remain anchored to the page, giving a tri-dimensional and dynamic effect while showing all the models of Wassily available. The other sections of the site provide info about pricing and purchase modalities.

Wassily is a100% Made in Italy object handcrafted and produced in a limited edition. This translates in a higher quality, security and respect for the environment.
Thanks to the dense network of special elastic wire that spans the steel structure, fruit can be placed randomly and stay suspended, transforming a normal gesture into a game. The fruit will also live longer, as it will be completely ventilated.
Each Wassily is hand assembled by ourselves, so there will never be two objects that are exactly the same: such patience and care for details will guarantee an exclusive product!
All of Scaleno’s products are produced with the minimum environmental impact, for we consider all of our objects’ life cycle (from their production to their disposal) and we produce them locally, by working with the closest suppliers possible to diminish transportation consumptions.




Located close to Sicily, in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, Eolia is an island forged by the wind and the Sun, surrounded by high waves. According to the Odyssey Eolia was the home of Eolus, the god of winds himself, companion of sailors and adventurers.
Eolia is a tablet holder designed for desk use. It’s made by a stainless steel foil, curved like a wave, and a cylinder, cladded with natural leather. Moving the cylinder from one of the two lodges to the other allows regulating the tablet’s inclination, to move from a composed to a more relaxed reading position.

CLIENT: De Vecchi Milano 1935

MATERIALS: Stainless Steel + Natural Leather

DIMENSIONS: 30x30x5 cm




The mythological Arcadia is located in the heart of Greece. Men and animals live together on its green hills, where life passes by with quietude and the harmony of nature’s rhythms.
Arcadia is a table document-holder, in which a sinuous strip of natural leather binds with a sheen stainless steel base by passing through the loopholes on its surface. Thanks to this design, Arcadia can lodge papers and letters between its leather coves, its shape reminding of a quiet and hilly landscape.

CLIENT: De Vecchi Milano 1935

MATERIALS: Stainless Steel + Natural Leather

DIMENSIONS: 30x30x5 cm




Milia is a  salt and pepper shaker set made of enamelled ceramic and designed by Santa Design Studio for De Vecchi Milano 1935.
Its main feature are the two salt shakers, endowed with two magnets which attract them one to the other once they are separated, revealing a silver-core, a light point which enhances the dining environment.
These two river stone looking objects are identical, except for one small detail: one of the two edges has a different color, which makes it immediately recognizable.

De Vecchi Milano 1935

Ceramic + Stainless Steel

9x5x6 cm




The Celtic legends recount tales about Lyonesse, an ancient and grandiose city whose towers rose majestically towards the sky. Long ago Lyonesse submerged into the Ocean, and the story goes that only a knight on his horse managed to escape the catastrophe, like a ray of hope.
Lyonesse is a shining and elegant lantern made of satin stainless steel, whose inside reveals a bright soul, able to exalt the candle flame’s dance. The lantern is embellished with a natural leather insert on the base and a loophole on the back-side which becomes a light mark, giving Lyonesse a double use.

CLIENT: De Vecchi Milano 1935

MATERIALS: Stainless Steel + Natural Leather

DIMENSIONS: 45x10x10 cm
DIMENSIONS: 35x10x10 cm




Lgtek is a company that operates in the outdoor furniture sector.
All of its products are made of steel and African wood, and their excellent material and structural quality allows them to win all weather conditions.
For Lgtek, Santa Design created Snake, an outdoor shower with firm and geometrical lines, that fits perfectly within the company’s catalogue. We designed Snake because we wanted to offer an object that could be rigid and elegant, able to endure and stand the test of time.


MATERIAL: Wood + Stainless Steel

DIMENSIONS: 50x50x200 cm