Santa Design is the multidisciplinary centre that tackles design in all of its forms, ranging from product to communication.

Santa Design was founded by Matteo Memmi and Marco Forbicioni in 2011. The studio offers itself as a flexible partner for companies, with a unique formula: a single centre providing creativity, project development, engineering, pre-series prototyping, market analysis, production-cost analysis and production management.

The main, outstanding feature of Santa Design is an innovative approach, which integrates the work of specialists from different disciplinary areas.

Such an overture is able to provide not only the design of a product, but also the definition of communication strategies for the product itself and its issuing company.

Thanks to its numerous partners, Santa Design is able to see a client throughout the production phase, by managing suppliers and production costs.

Santa Design is the multidisciplinary centre that transforms an idea into a product, and shepherds the client from the sketch to the shelf.