Product Design

Santa Design’s goal is to develop innovative and astonishing products, able to establish an emotional relationship with the final user, to set the right compromise between aesthetics and functionality and to enter the market with the best timing and modalities possible.

The creative phase, which is nevertheless fundamental, is however just the consequence of a massive process of research and analysis, whose goal is to define a final result that will translate in the development of a successful product.

Such a full and mutable market requires a good aim, in order not to waste resources and energies.

The search for innovation, both aesthetical and functional, is the key to our design work, because establishing an emotional relationship with the final user means to interpret his hopes and ambitions.



Any new project takes off from an accurate analysis phase, driven towards the definition of a feasible goal. This crucial phase allows a better aim, in order not to waste the client’s resources and energies and to enhance the chances of success.


  1. Brand Analisys
  2. Target Definition
  3. User Analisys
  4. Benchmarking


Once the analysis phase has been completed and the goals have ben set, it’s time to define the best strategies to reach them. Any new project is a new challenge, and it will require a solid strategy to effectively face the obstacles that will interfere with its development.


In this creative phase Santa Design elaborates the product ideas, following the goals and the strategy that have been previously defined. The main target is to research an aesthetic and functional innovation in order to develop innovative and astonishing products, able to establish an emotional relationship with the final user by interpreting his hopes and ambitions.


After choosing a concept that is suitable with the previous strategic choices, it’s time for the details design phase. Santa Design will deal with the manufacturing companies in charge of the production, in order to quickly resolve any technical or productive issue. This well-timed approach will also enable to monitor the production costs, and eventually modify the design in order to reduce them. (see also MANUFACTURING )


A real life check through a physical object is a fundamental phase for any design process, in order to highlight aesthetical, functional and practical criticalities. Depending on the necessity, this phase can imply the use of the latest RP additive technologies (also known as 3D printers) or traditional technologies.


This is the last development phase of a product, but it shouldn’t be considered as autonomous from the start. It is very important indeed to ensure, from the very beginning, that the production phase lives up to the standard qualities that the client is expecting. Santa Design can assist the client by providing quality control staff, which will periodically interface with the production plant.