Talent and good ideas aren’t enough. To make it, it’s necessary to develop innovative and astonishing products, able to establish an emotional relationship with the final user, to set the right compromise between aesthetics and functionality and to enter the market with the best timing and modalities possible.

Santa Design can help companies by analysing, conceiving and designing strategies that are aimed towards the placement of new Brands and products.

Thanks to the many professional profiles the group is made by, Santa Design can efficiently meet any client’s requirements.

The creative phase, which is nevertheless fundamental, is however just the consequence of a massive process of research and analysis, whose goal is to define a final result that will translate in the development of a successful product.

Such a full and mutable market requires a good aim, in order not to waste resources and energies.



We start by analysing the client’s Brand and catalogue, to develop solutions that are in continuity with his corporate history: this fundamental phase will define our intervention, aimed towards new, ameliorative application fields.


The targets of our intervention will be defined in very close contact with the client, based on what has been defined during the analysis. This phase requires a research on trends and competitors.


The goal is to understand the relation between users and the products or services we will work on, to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction.
This way we can nip in the bud the right technical and communicative features that will make he public fall in love with the new product.


This phase allows the client to define the product price for the public through an analysis of similar products and competitors, to set a budget for the investment.


After all of the preliminary analysis it will be possible to define an effective strategy that will allow the product to find the right placement within the market, to meet the public’s expectations and to present less risks as possible.


The production cost analysis phase allows the best optimization for the client’s budget and an eventual running strategic changes.