360° Communication

Santa design is specialized in conceiving and developing communication campaigns for companies, events and products.

As for other types of projects, we start from an analytic phase (focused on the Brand, Target, competitors and so on) aimed to define strategies that will maximise the success of the operation and optimise budget.

Our goals and objectives are pursued by a number of professionals profiles, specialized, among others things, in graphic design, web design, social network content management, web advertising and video making, to offer our clients a 360 service.

This approach benefits the client by optimizing his budget, cutting down the project costs and duration and overriding the time and resources that managing every single professional figure would require.

The age of communication has indeed simplified things, but, on the other hand, it also made them more complex: nowadays, anyone can communicate his ideas to a wide audience (through social networks, for example), and the only way to step out and win over the public is by planning a solid strategy and using the right instruments.

In other words, speaking differently can be much more effective than shouting.



The real and the virtual worlds, the one that we walk and the one that we navigate, are growing less and less distinguishable with time. Both worlds are part of a unique dimension that we constantly approach thanks to mobile devices. Santa Design follows this idea when developing technologically advanced and performing Web solutions for companies: we start from analysing users’ habits and behaviours, to make the experience the as fluid and exciting as possible.


It is well known that a picture sais a thousand words. What’s hard, however, is finding the right picture: an image that is able to fully represent your business, to talk in a clear and efficient way to your public and, at the same time, that is versatile and memorable. Santa Design is specialized in creating Brand Identities by building integrated communication strategies that can help your business grow.


Social Networks are extremely powerful communication instruments, which allow us to connect with an extremely wide audience. The best techniques for social networking are in continuous evolution, and a full knowledge of these skills is a crucial feature in order to reach a wider and wider public. Santa Design is specialized in managing companies’ Social Network profiles, in activating and following advertising campaigns and in analysing these campaigns’ results for budget optimization.


Explaining your business to your clients efficiently is a complex operation, and the new advertising means, such as Social Networks, can make it even more complex. On one hand, these means enhanced brands’ chances of visibility; on the other hand, though, they also sensibly reduced the time that users usually dedicate to new contents. A promotional video is therefore the best, fastest and most complete way to draw attention, to win over the public and create a sharing virtuous circle.